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Kittens for adoption



Swift like the wind, Ninja is bound to assassinate your stone cold heart with her big, watery eyes

Gender: Female
Age: approximately six months
Originally from an Yishun neighbourhood
Personality: Ninja is a warrior queen-to-be – she loves being stroked and will purr for more, but like a proper queen understands the impropriety of cuddles. A strong, independent girl that will learn to love a forever home!



A shy, sweet, sensitive soul. Would you be the hooman to tell him that love is the answer?

Gender: Male
Age: approximately six months
Originally from an Yishun neighbourhood
Personality: Of the five mini moos, Charlie is the shyest! He tends to wiggle out of cuddles, but his quiet personality hides a very sweet, sensitive soul within.



A catnip-friendly aspiring crime fighter, Batman tends to wreak havoc whenever no one is watching.

Gender: Male
Age: approximately six months
Originally from an Yishun neighbourhood
Personality: Batman is an aspiring crime-fighter that serves to vanquish all forms of crime food! He once got onto a table and looked disappointed because there wasn’t any food there.



Purrs like a motorcycle, sweet like a marshmallow - a high energy pellet of joy

Gender: Male
Age: approximately seven months
Originally from an Bedok neighbourhood
Personality: Marshmallow is a sweet boy that loves to cuddle, and will purr like a motorcycle while you hold him. Would outcompete his sibling, Candy, in being the sweetest!

Cats for adoption



A formerly feisty kitty suffering from an allergy to kelp derivatives, Val is active, endearing and very food-motivated

Gender: Male
Age: approximately four years
Originally from a Boon Lay neighbourhoods
Personality: Inspired by a Spanish city (and its eponymous football club), Valencia is a manly furboy that is active, very food-motivated and endearing.

Valencia shows an abundance of love and has a big heart – he’s the type of cat that demands lots of skritches and pets when you’re around, and is often overly excited when you bring him food!

He still retains some bad habits from his time in what his rescuers suspected was a backyard breeding operation – persistent competition for food during his kittenhood means Valencia can be a little bit too food-motivated, so he is best suited for homes with little to no cats, plenty of room, and the doting attention of a hooman. Being motivated by food means he can be trained fairly easily, and he has shown that he’s able to patiently wait for his food to arrive.

He needs a special diet because of his allergy to carrageenan, and is FIV+. Valencia is also not suitable for homes with elderly or young children.

Val is currently being fostered outside of the cattery, so you may have to visit the fosterer’s home before his adoption! If you wish to bring Val home, read more about how to adopt below:



Originally one of a trio of kittens from Kallang, Ida is an affectionate sole survivor of her litter. Won't you give her a home?

Gender: Female
Age: approximately two years 
Originally from Kallang Theatre
Personality: An easygoing and affectionate cat, Ida is a very well-behaved cat. Ida often greets her fosterer when she comes home and loves head rubs. She doesn’t destroy furniture, climb, scratch or bite – in other words, she’s the perfect cat you’ll be able to brag about to jealous cat parents!

Her only flaw is just that she sleeps too much – but given that cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day, who could blame her? When she’s not asleep, she’ll tend to make her fosterer laugh with her antics, chasing ping pong balls and other toys.

Originally one of a trio of kittens rescued from Kallang Theatre, Ida was originally slated to be at a forever home, but she returned to Love Kuching after her siblings passed on from complications stemming from feline leukaemia virus (FeLV).

Ida is currently being fostered outside of our cattery, and is best suited for a home that is not planning to have more than one cat as she is FeLV+. You can follow her Instagram account (below) to keep track of her antics – and if you are interested to meet her, read more about our adoption procedures below!

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