About Love Kuching Project

"Loving the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods."

We are a community-based cat rescue group in Singapore that focuses on the following cat welfare objectives.

Rescue of cats in need

Rehabilitation of cats at risk such as injured or critically ill strays.

Our main focus is on stray cats that are ill or injured, or young kittens that need human intervention to survive but have no other fostering options. Apart from veterinary care, we also believe in holistic care through the use of supplements and essential oils.

Adoption of pet cats

Providing adoption opportunities for the cats we rescue and rehabilitate and raising awareness of pet adoption.

Our adoptable kittens and cats are trained and socialised and if you wish to adopt, we can match the right cat to your household and lifestyle. Our foster cats are also exposed to cats of all ages.


Sharing and informing to better educate the public on cats as companion animals.

Apart from our social media platforms we also have outreach programmes such as Feline Therapy for seniors in hospitals and nursing homes, to not only provide human patients with therapy but also to promote the love of cats amongst seniors. We conduct cat care talks. We also have a pro bono cat behaviour management service in which we help owners with problematic behaviour in pet cats in exchange for a free will donation.

We are registered under Registry of Societies as Love Kuching Project, UEN number T13SS0220G

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