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Love Kuching Project is a community cat rescue group that focuses on loving the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods.

By joining Love Kuching Project, you’ll be part of a volunteer community that we feel really connected to – a warm and welcoming space, where we empower the people around us to be the best that they can be.

We are run by volunteers with portfolios, who assist with team-specific roles in one or more of eight teams:

  • Foster Care
  • Rescue
  • Outreach
  • FLOAT (Facilities Management, Legal, Operations, Accounts, Tech)
  • Events
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources

Find out more about our portfolios – and how to join us – below!

“I needed something to call my own — I was dedicating too much time to just professional practice and school and needed something more personal to feel more fulfilled.”

– Jialin, HR volunteer

“The vibe is different here… people are engaged, involved — open, relatable, fun and not intimidating.”

– Joh Ju, Events Manager

Our Foster Care team is the bread and butter of Love Kuching Project! They form the biggest group of volunteers in LKP and they look after our sick or injured cats and kittens in the cattery by administering clinical treatments and medications, preparing food and supplements, and maintaining cleanliness of the cat suites and litter boxes. These skills will require initial training sessions, and continual learning and development.

Apart from looking after sick and injured cats, we also need assistants that can help us keep track of our shelter paperwork (like patient one-sheets) as well as compile and craft slides for our training curriculum, sharing sessions and Masterclasses.

Foster care volunteer

If you want to interact with our shelter cats on a weekly basis, this is for you!

While Love Kuching Project isn’t staffed 24/7, we will need volunteers who are available in the day (as day shift volunteers) and in the evenings (as night shift volunteers) from Monday to Saturday. Sunday volunteers work a single shift.

Day shift volunteers

Day shift volunteers typically work alone and come in for 2 hours between 1200 hrs and 1600 hrs (whenever is most convenient) to help with the following:

  • Administering day time clinical treatments and medications
  • Cleaning cat suites and litter boxes
  • Bringing cats for their vet appointments when necessary (you’ll be reimbursed for transport and vet expenses)
We currently have openings for the day shift on Mondays and Thursdays.
Night shift volunteers

Night shift volunteers typically work in teams of 3 and come in for 2 hours between 1800 hrs and 2200 hrs (depending on the day) to help with the following:

  • Administering night time clinical treatments and medications
  • Preparing food
  • Preparing dietary supplements
  • Cleaning cat suites and litter boxes
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor
We currently have openings for the night shift on Mondays.
Sunday shift volunteers

Sunday shift volunteers typically work in teams of 4 and come in for 2 hours between 1515 hrs and 1715 hrs to help with the following:

  • Administering all clinical treatments and medications
  • Preparing food
  • Doing laundry
  • Cleaning cat suites and litter boxes
  • Sweeping and mopping the floor
We currently do not have any openings for the Sunday shift.

Executive Assistant to the Foster Care Manager

As an Executive Assistant, you will be supporting our Foster Care Manager in a wide range of tasks, from conducting research to working on training and administration.

This is a role where you get to see in-depth how animal welfare organisations work behind the scenes. Executive Assistants get a lot of direct coaching and will spend a lot of time working directly with our Foster Care Manager and other team managers, so this role – while intensive – can be very rewarding!

Responsibilities of the Executive Assistant include:

  • Liaising between the Foster Care Manager, other team managers, and other volunteers
  • Managing the Foster Care Manager’s schedule (e.g. arranging meetings on their behalf)
  • Creating and compiling slide decks for veterinary trainings and Masterclasses
  • Organising and filing paperwork regarding adoptions and foster care
  • Supporting the Foster Care Manager with her administrative tasks (such as filing claims)

Additional responsibilities may be assigned on an ad-hoc basis.

Sorry, but there are no positions available in this team at the moment.

Please try another volunteer team above!

The fundraising team is a group of young, cheerful and forward-looking individuals who want to improve the lives of the injured or chronically ill community cats under Love Kuching Project’s care.

We help to raise funds so that Love Kuching Project can continue to pay the rent, vet bills, food and supplements, litter and various supplies.

If you love working with people who want to do their part to bring warm and love to injured and chronically ill cats in our community, join us! Our work is mostly remote – you don’t have to pop into our cattery if you’re unable to, but we may hold meetings from time to time that you will have to attend.

Read on to find out how you can help as a Fundraising volunteer:

Fundraising appeals

You’ll get to work on campaigns and programmes for various needs ranging from the usual appeal for food and litter supplies to specific emergency cases. This will include setting up the mechanics of fundraising campaigns, creating blog and social media posts, and responding to requests for acknowledgements of cat angels’ gifts of love to us.

Adopt-A-Cage program

This is a program for cat angels who make monthly donations to support a cat at the cattery! You will liaise with these cat angels and keep updated on the cats of their choice every month.

Merchandise partners

You’ll be the first point of liaison with businesses who are happy to support Love Kuching Project and to contribute to our cause.

We chat with them about their work, discuss ideas for fundraising and put the plans into place. We’ve been really blessed to meet with the wonderful people behind some of Singapore’s best small businesses like Goood Pet Collars, Polypet, White Feather Handmade Jewellery and Yarn Over Flowers.

We’d love to connect with more merch partners, but will need your help to do so!

Fundraising events

A few times a year, Love Kuching Project gets invited to community events at housing estates or malls. Our vollies take turns to be at the booth to meet with visitors.

At least once a year, Love Kuching Project organises our own pop- up events involving our merch partners and our therapy cats to meet with cat angels who have been supportive of our cause or just to bring awareness to more people about what we do.

You’ll help with organising these events, to coordinate with our merchandise partners, and bring our cats to these events so people get to see what we do.

Sorry, but there are no positions available in this team at the moment.

Please try another volunteer team above!

Rescue volunteers follow up with the rescue requests that the public has submitted to us via our website, which will feed to our team Slack channels and private Trello board.

Volunteers will need to do liaison and work assisting rescuers remotely in their free time. However, they will also need to meet rescuers at the vet to administer the Rescue Assistance Programme, for rescuers who cannot afford to pay for the vet fees, but are able to foster a sick or injured community cat in their own home. Our vets have two branches – both in the east and west of Singapore, so visits can be done to the rescuer or volunteer’s convenience! 

Rescue volunteer

You'll be the first line of support for rescuers on the ground helping a sick or injured stray cat

Rescue volunteers are the first responders to people who see a sick or injured community cat. Your job is to inform, educate and coordinate with rescuers – who could range from seasoned community cat caretakers to first-time passerbys – and guide them with information that would get them to take the first step to rescue the cat.

Your responsibilities as Rescue volunteer will include:

  • Responding in a prompt manner to rescue requests (usually within the first 1-2 days)
  • Providing information ranging from estimated vet bills and trapping costs to basic veterinary and cat care knowledge to rescuers, who may be inexperienced
  • Directing rescuers to local community cat support groups
  • Admitting cases when we have the space and capacity
  • Coordinating with rescuers when they want to visit their community cat at the cattery
  • Coordinating Rescue Assistance Program cases and bringing these cats to the vet

You won’t need to know much about cat rescue or cat care to apply to be a Rescue volunteer – but you will be expected to attend several on-the-job training sessions to gain experience. You will also be asked to refer to a guide in future.

While you can respond to rescue cases in a flexible manner, we expect you to be able to respond promptly – within 1-3 days of a case being assigned to you. Please do let us know if you need to take a break!.

Sorry, but there are no positions available in this team at the moment.

Please try another volunteer team above!

Outreach volunteers handle our feline-assisted activity programmes with volunteer welfare organisations, where we bring the love of cats to humans that need it.

Volunteers with Outreach help facilitate activity like grooming, playing, and dialogue, which provide relaxation, physical comfort and assist in physical healing for people who need it most.

Outreach volunteer

You'll be helping people with special needs and the elderly with cat therapy!

The Outreach volunteer will help conduct cat therapy sessions for seniors in nursing homes as well as children and young adults with special needs.

As many of the VWOs and organisations require our service during weekdays and not just weekends, we’ll need volunteers who are free during weekdays to conduct cat therapy! Hence this role is more suited for full-time university students, freelancers, or people who have flexible work schedules. (We do have weekend therapy sessions as well, so don’t worry if you’re only free during weekends!)

You won’t need your own cat to be assessed for suitability for therapy – or even have a cat at all as you can assist in handling kittens who are waiting for adoption. Sign up to be a volunteer below!

Volunteer therapy cat

As an owner of a therapy cat, you and your cat can help us with our feline-assisted activity program and bring the love of kitties to the humans who need it most!

We don’t look out for a special breed of cat to select as a therapy cat, though we do look out for certain criteria before your cat can be a therapy cat!

If you have a kitty that fits the criteria here:

  • Vaccinated and neutered, with the relevant paperwork to prove vaccinations
  • Relaxed in the presence of strangers and others
  • Comfortable on a leash and harness

do make an application for your cat to be one of our therapy cats below!

Sorry, but there are no positions available in this team at the moment.

Please try another volunteer team above!

As a Marketing team volunteer, you’ll work to support other teams in Love Kuching Project by creating content that would help with goals like adoption, fundraising and recruitment.

You’ll also help manage Love Kuching Project’s social media accounts, be it creating social media content (writing tweets or filming Instagram stories), writing social media posts, responding to social media queries (on Facebook and Instagram) and growing our online audience. In addition, you’ll help manage our website, updating dynamic sections like our Adopt-A-Cage page and Pawsome Bulletin Board!

You’ll usually be able to work remotely, but will also be asked to be available to attend monthly meetings. You’ll also need to help attend events for Instagram and Facebook live broadcasts.

Social media volunteers

You'll help publish content, manage comments and messages, and post ephemeral content like Instagram Stories or tweets

Social media volunteers will gather content from various teams and publish them on our social media platforms.

You will also manage responses, and with the help of the Social Media IC, alert individual managers about relevant messages that need their attention.

You’ll also be asked to post content like Instagram stories and Facebook posts to update our audience of day-to-day occurrences, special events, and more. While this work can be remote, you’ll be expected to attend events and visit the cattery one in a while to understand what is going on.

Volunteers are expected to have a basic understanding of how Facebook pages, Instagram for businesses and Twitter work, but we will be available to teach you what we know. 

Content production volunteers

As a content production volunteer, you'll assist in content creation, writing blog posts, guides, and social media posts for Love Kuching Project

If you have the skills in writing, communication and photography, we need your help to do the following:

  • Writing and producing articles and social media posts that promote our adoptions, fundraising campaigns and events
  • Taking photos and videos of our cats, cat therapy sessions and of our volunteers in action
  • Drawing illustrations of our cats that will go with our adoption or fundraising campaigns, or be part of our printed collateral to be published
Copywriting and publication

Copywriting volunteers will produce written social media and blog posts, as well as text for publications like flyers and collaterals!

You’ll be in charge of documenting stories of the cats and kittens that come by Love Kuching Project, as well as the volunteers who work with us to help these kitties!


Videographers will be in charge of creating video content to be posted to Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube, depending on the needs of specific campaigns and/or assignments.


Photographers will be in charge of photographing cats for adoption posts, as well as photographing events per the needs of specific campaigns and/or assignments. You may also be asked to help sort out our previous photography archive, that we are porting into SmugMug.


Graphics and illustration volunteers will be responsible for the graphic design, art and layout for content to be printed or published online. You’ll work with copywriters to create and design collaterals that fit the stories that we want to tell about the cats, kitties and humans that we help!

While you do not need to be exceptionally good in these skills, you will be asked to learn to use various platforms and programs like SmugMug, WordPress and Photoshop. We’ll teach you all that we know, if you’re keen to learn!

Sorry, but there are no positions available in this team at the moment.

Please try another volunteer team above!

Our Events Team are volunteers who are involved in every aspect of event management – from planning to execution of all events involving Love Kuching Project. These events include our own pop-up events, events conducted in partnership with other organisations, pet events or adoption drives in malls or housing estates.

You’ll be working closely with other Love Kuching Project volunteers in Marketing and Fundraising to conceptualise, plan and manage all events; you’ll also be a liaison with vendors and corporate sponsors (if any), and be in charge of transport and logistics with vendors, organisers and other partners, as well as LKP volunteers who may be helping out.

Events management volunteer

As part of the Events team, you'll be planning and coordinating all aspects of events on the Love Kuching Project calendar

Event management volunteers take ownership of the event from start to finish, including working with other teams on publicity and logistics.

As events are usually held during weekends and could be anywhere in Singapore, do only consider joining as an Events management volunteer if you are able to commit your weekends or be open to going to locations far from your home. If you have prior experience with events management (at previous non-profit organisations, school / university CCAs or work), please let us know – we’d love to have you!

Responsibilities for an event management volunteer include:

  • Creating new and fun events for Love Kuching Project to raise awareness to our cause or to support fundraising or outreach efforts
  • Conceptualising event themes and programmes
  • Planning for all aspects of the event and managing the event. You will need to guide new or ad-hoc volunteers in specific roles in the run up to the event or on the day of the event
  • Coordinating with Marketing volunteers to drive a social media campaign in support of the event
  • Liaising with merchandise partners who are willing to contribute to Love Kuching Project
  • Prepping for necessary logistics and transport
  • Post-event round-up and reporting

If all these sound like your cup of tea, do join us as an events management volunteer! You can sign up below.

Sorry, but there are no positions available in this team at the moment.

Please try another volunteer team above!

The FLOAT team is a wide-ranging crew in charge of miscellaneous support roles for Love Kuching Project. It consists of five different portfolios:

  • Facilities management volunteers in charge of the maintenance, upgrade and improvement of our cattery’s general facilities – the air quality management system like the air purifier and aircon, plumbing and fridge, shelves, storage and furniture.
  • Legal volunteers in charge of researching statues and drafting simple agreements. You’ll be working with management and leadership as well as our accounting and admin volunteers in ramping up our corporate governance and transparency.
  • Accounting and admin volunteers with the basic knowledge of financial statements are in charge with filing and basic paperwork.
  • Technology volunteers are in charge of helping us bring the cattery forward towards digitised systems, enhancing security so we are compliant with laws like the PDPA.

Administrative and Research Assistant (General)

You'll be helping support managers in research and administrative work!

The executive assistant to the Foster Care manager is a administrative support role where you help with the Foster Care manager’s day-to-day volunteer tasks.

Sorry, but there are no positions available in this team at the moment.

Please try another volunteer team above!

The Human Resources team was named so as we value the people at Love Kuching as much as the cats that we serve. We see volunteers as more than just volunteers – they are part of our community, and part of our family.

As a Human Resources volunteer, your purpose is to build and protect Love Kuching Project’s community values and culture, because it is unique and special to us. HR volunteers are in charge or recruitment of new volunteers, integration of new volunteers and administrative support for other teams at LKP.

HR team members also care for the humans at Love Kuching Project through organising events for the volunteers, giving volunteers appreciation gifts, encouraging self-care and care for one another through our #volliecare Slack channel.

Sorry, but there are no positions available in this team at the moment.

Please try another volunteer team above!

“I joined Love Kuching because I was struggling a little with life… Cleaning out litterboxes became a super consistent and important ritual for me to do, and I’d feel in control again while juggling six dirty litterboxes, a shower hose and lots of fresh pine litter.”

– Deborah, volunteer with Fundraising and Foster Care

“I joined Love Kuching because I was struggling a little with life… Cleaning out litterboxes became a super consistent and important ritual for me to do, and I’d feel in control again while juggling six dirty litterboxes, a shower hose and lots of fresh pine litter.”

– Deborah, volunteer with Fundraising and Foster Care

Frequently asked questions

What does Love Kuching Project look for in a volunteer?

We are interested in people who are:

  • Open to learning new things
  • Seeking personal growth and meaning through volunteering
  • Works well in teams
  • Cares about humans, too – not just cats
  • Able to commit to task and job requirements (per the job role you are applying for)

That’s about it! Apart from technical and professional skills, what we really care about in volunteers can be really distilled to attitude and availability. We can teach you everything that we know.

What kind of training or qualifications do I need to volunteer?

Not much! While skill sets will be helpful for volunteers with portfolio who fill team-specific roles (like videographers in Marketing, accountants and administrative assistants in FLOAT and vet nurses in Foster Care), we offer basic training, resources and guides to people who do not have relevant qualifications.

Your skills and occupation does not necessarily determine what you can do for us, too – we have journalists who help out as Rescue coordinators, and engineers and illustrators who work as Foster Care volunteers.

Do note that some teams like Foster Care and Rescue will require you to attend on-the-job training sessions (regardless of existing skill sets), and you will need to be available for them.

I can't volunteer on a long-term basis. How else can I help?

There are other opportunities for volunteers to join us on a short-term basis, to see what volunteering for Love Kuching Project would be like!

You can join Play/Clean sessions by visiting our Play/Clean page and filling up the Play/Clean form to get an available ad-hoc volunteering slot.

If you are a student and wish to join us as part of a self-initiated Values-in-Action programme or Community Involvement Programme, visit our CIP page here.

Still feel like you might be unable to help? Consider making a donation here!