Welcome to Love Kuching Project!

We are a community of cat lovers and rescuers in Singapore.
Here’s what we do:

Welcome to Love Kuching Project!

We are a community of cat lovers and rescuers in Singapore.
Here’s what we do:
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We rehabilitate cats at risk, such as injured or critically ill strays

We focus on community cats that are ill or injured, and young kittens that will need human intervention to survive but have no other fostering options.

As part of our rehabilitation mission, we supplement vet care with holistic treatment like traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and essential oils.

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We provide adoption opportunities to the cats we rescue and rehabilitate

We train and socialise our kittens and cats and match the right cat to potential adopters – like you!

Our kittens are exposed to other, older cats in the cattery, and are thus suited for multi-cat households.



We educate the public on having cats as companions

We conduct cat therapy programmes for seniors and people with intellectual disabilities, to promote the love of cats as companions to the public.

We also conduct cat care talks to teach people how to handle cats and kittens in various situations, and explain how to handle illnesses cats may face later in life.

Join our community

We offer both long-term volunteering opportunities as well as short-term ad-hoc volunteering roles.
Interested? Come join our inclusive and warm community of cat lovers today!

Our success stories

Become an Adopt-A-Cage sponsor

By adopting a cage, you’ll be helping to support critically injured or sick community cats that are currently at the Love Kuching cattery.

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