Snowy and Nosey have been adopted!

There was a family whose grandma wanted their cat, so they decided to give their cat to her and find another kitten. They came to Angels Pet Shop, and when saw Sylvester, Tabby (at the shop), as well as Snowy and Nosey whom we brought down to show them, decided to take both Nosey and Snowy. They wanted a white cat, which Snowy was the only white one among them, and at Aswat’s advice to take two so that Snowy won’t be lonely, picked Nosey because she was so good with being carried and even-tempered towards her sister.


The burden is off our hands, and our household is restored to some normalcy. Of course, we feel a bit strange without the two kittens around now, but at least now the house is less chaotic and we can focus our attention on the care of our own two kitties.

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