We seriously need to find Snowy and Nosey a new home…

It became too much of a hassle to leave them outside our door, for a number of reasons. First, toilet issues. We have a litter box in our kitchen for our cats, and when the kittens were in our house when their mommy was away at the vet, they learned to use the litter box. But when they are outside, it seems they pee and poo everywhere – including outside neighbours’ flats. This means Mommy cat hasn’t yet brought her kittens to walkabout downstairs. We end up having to clean shit outside our house more and more, and it means more work! So, I put my foot down and told Andy that if the cats were IN the house, it would actually be less work – only one litter box to clean.

The three cats have also made our house a bit of a mess, because when they go outside to roam, they inevitably come back dirty and leave paw prints in our living room whenever they loiter in. We can’t keep bathing them, so…

Putting them in the house seems like our only option for now. At least we can confine the messes to their play and eating area (in the kitchen). At least there would be no more paw prints. At least there won’t ever be neighbours complaining again.

The problem is that five cats in the house is seriously crazy. Five cats to (at most) four humans, we are out-catted! Also, Mommy cat doesn’t get along with Slinky. They had a minor cat-fight in which Slinky lost some of her fur. We had to separate them – Slinky and Sayang now snooze in our room, Mommy cat and the kittens in the kitchen.

Our main adoption care-giver Angels Pet Shop is currently full-house on kittens. (More on them in a later post). Unless we can pass them over to Angels, we have to help board them in our place till we can re-home Snowy and Nosey. Or unless till we can let them loose as adult strays downstairs without having to worry anymore about pee and poo and dirt. But in the meantime, Snowy and Nosey are still too young to fend for themselves as strays in the neighbourhood.

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