more pictures of Snowy and Nosey!

Snowy moves around so much, it is hard to get a good picture of her, but here’s one taken this morning:

I heart this picture of Nosey – she is so curious! Wondering what makes that whirring sound in the big-bad-machine spinning dirty towels.

This morning I woke up and lo and behold! The kitchen was not in a fatal mess. No puke, no loose poo, not much litter box sand out of the box, nothing was overturned and the dustbin was not ransacked.

We also had a shy visitor today – the kittens’ father, who is a black striped tabby cat, cute as hell, but scared to approach humans. He has also attacked Slinky once before, when he wanted to come into our house for shelter. He seems so shy, like he wants to be near us, but yet so wary he is never close enough to be stroked. He came together with Mommy cat, when she wanted her breakfast. Nowadays we hardly let Mommy cat into the house anymore, seems like she has left her kittens in our care for good. Which means one less mouth to feed. It makes a difference!

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