neutering the ubi stray cats

Last week we joined Aswat to help round up the cats in our area that were not neutered, to book them in for the operation at the vets’. ‘Rounding up’ is not quite an apt phrase, as the process took strategy, stealth and speed, with the occasional trickery of our poor feline victims. Armed with cat carriers, delicious food and a good voice for meowing to cajole them out of their hiding places under cars, we went around Ubi and did a three-hour cat operation.

After they were unwillingly rounded up, the cats were transported off to the vets for the surgery to take place the next day. The cats came back to us a few days later, after they have recuperated.

We then had to release them back at their original places, so that they would keep their territory, theirs, safe from other non-sterilised cats.

All that for a quieter, happier neighbourhood, the release of the pain of childbirth, and to reduce the kitten population in our area so that we needn’t have our hearts broken trying to keep the kittens safe while they grow up. The world is a cruel place, hence… Ubi Kuching Project.

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