nosey so affectionate

OMG Nosey is so affectionate. Just the other day, she nose-kissed me, which is a sign of affection. Then, the next day, she licked my toes, which is the ULTIMATE sign of affection. And today, when I hugged her, she purred! So I nose-kissed her too. I think she is coming to enjoy cuddling, which is a good socialisation skill that should be built up from kittenhood. She never complains about hugs (unlike my Slinky), or showering, or at Snowy for snatching food away from her.

I just got a call asking about Nosey! If this family does take Nosey, it would be great as she is gentle and affectionate in nature, also curious (see washing machine picture below) and cute with that button nose. She will warm many hearts, just as she has already warmed mine.

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