oh by the way, THAT pet ‘farm’ in Pasir Ris

Rumour has it that a popular pet ‘farm’ in Pasir Ris isn’t treating animals right. Here are a few things that made it into the grapevine:

1) They feed their animals with plain white rice, and a few kibbles of dry food.

2) The dry food is often expired product.

3) Because the food is expired, there are bugs in them. Hence, they sift out the bugs from the food before feeding it to the animals

4) The ‘backyard’ where the breeding goes on, is a bit like a place where comfort women used to be imprisoned for the Japanese soldiers. The animals are forced to breed, with human help, that is they physically put the male on top of the female to force them to mate.

5) Needless to say, this ‘backyard’ probably is not up to AVA standards.

So, don’t support this place. Don’t buy animals. Adopt. There are more than enough unwanted animals around in need of a home.

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