I sit here typing this update with Sayang snoozing on my lap. She’s a real darling lap-cat.

Mommy cat is now leaving her kittens alone for most of the day, as she is probably weaning them off milk already. We notice she is producing less milk, and also eating less because she is no longer nursing the kittens lately. She now spends time with the kittens’ father, and is open to prey by other male cats as well. We can only hope the next round of neighbourhood sterilization will be soon and before she gets pregnant again.

As for the kittens’ fate, we have a possible adopter coming soon via Angels Pet Shop next week. If Snowy gets taken, it would be a much easier time for us. Snowy is hyperactive! She often pounces on her sister Nosey, and loves to run. Nosey is a more cautious player, she often observes more than she attacks. But Snowy likes to boldly go toward Slinky and Sayang, and she got a sore eye earlier, probably from Slinky. Thankfully it is not a serious wound; no visible scarring. If we can’t get Snowy and Nosey adopted soon, I will have to go get acrylic cat claw covers for Slinky.

I think no one will want to take Nosey. Although she has a cute button nose, a cooperative temperament and is rather quiet, she has an odd mix of three colours – orange striped, with black, and white socks. My heart is leaning towards taking in Nosey if no one wants her. But Snowy needs to go! She has so much potential as she’s a pure white cat with pretty eyes.

We have just cleaned and mopped the house and hopefully my eczema will clear up soon as the cat demographic in the house decreases. At least with Mommy cat out of the house, no more cat-fights. Just kittens wrestling…

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