This is Sayang, our second cat in the family.

Her story is touching, and hails from what we call the Ubi Kuching Project, hence the name of this blog.

She is a kitten of a litter of four, with a world-weary mother who has been a stray cat for a long time. All four kittens were thus born as strays, behind a coffeeshop that is in the Ubi area where we live.

Sayang, who then still had no name, was found by our neighbourhood pet shop owner (Angels Pet Shop) as she was lying, sick, and alone. Her family members were nowhere to be found. Sayang was half-dead by then. Aswat and another Ubi cat lady took her to the vet, she was found to have been ill with stomach flu.

We met Aswat in the neighbourhood and he told us about a kitten he had just rescued, who looks a little like Slinky our resident cat – black on top, white in the bottom – and we went to visit Sayang who was then boarding at Angels.

I guess Andy and I fell in love with Sayang at first sight, hence her name. She loved us too, even though she was just a wee one who probably had been bullied by strangers before us. We took her home that night and nursed her back to health.

Today, she is a happy, purring kitten who loves to sleep on my lap, ‘talk’ to us, and follow us around just for a cuddle, and for food of course! She has just been spayed, and is gaining weight slowly from the skinny bunch of fur she once was. As I tell her story here, she is sleeping right next to me on the chair beside mine. Soon she’ll be all grown up!

So now we have two cats. But there are so many more cats out there in need of safety, food and shelter. Here we shall chronicle our cat-adventures, and the things we do to help take care of the Ubi cats, whom we love.

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