There is a cute tabby kitten in Angels Pet Shop now that can’t seem to find a new home. She was rescued from a drain, alone, by a cat-feeder. Here is a picture of her at the pet shop.

When she first came to the shop, she was reserved, and didn’t really play much. Soon after, another kitten started playing with her, and now both of them love to climb, chase and wrestle with each other. Now, she is growing up and if she doesn’t get a loving new owner soon, she will be sent to SPCA at the end of this month.

Tabby is very vocal and loves to explore. She has a cute triangular face and her eyes match her coat with a tinge of blue in them. She also has the classic local cat’s letter ‘M’ on her forehead, which is typical of many local cats in Malaysia as well. If you are keen to take a look at her as well as the other kittens in the shop, call Aswat at 9337 8211.

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