batch 4 of homemade cat and kitten food

Today I made spaghetti for dinner, and having bought ground beef, I took the unused portion of beef to make into cat food.

Lean ground beef is comparable to oily fish in terms of its nutritional value for cats. It can be served raw or lightly cooked. I added in an egg, and cooked it only slightly by adding hot water. Think of it as beef cooked rare.

So far, it seems to be a success! Scooter is finishing up his can of Eagle Pack kitten canned food (also a success) and I have begun to mix in the ground beef into his meals today. He has lapped it all up.

As for the two other cats, canned food is not a staple for Slinky. Sayang is choosy with her food, but we have solved the problem of perpetually giving her canned food by buying a pack of Taste of the Wild dry food, samples of which she has tried before and loved. She is still fed her staple diet of Royal Canin Fit 32, but mixed with Taste of the Wild just so she eats her meals properly and gets her nutrition. This way I can save the canned and homemade food for Scooter only.

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