Our girls have new name tags!

We bought them from Little Paws at Telok Kurau. Each Uniqtag has a key ring for attaching to collars, and owner’s name or telephone number behind. Our cats are wearing the largest size tags, two smaller sizes are also available.

We ordered them on Sunday evening, and we got them in the mail today!

Slinky’s name tag is silver in colour.

Sayang’s is in gold, and in cursive font; since she has a Malay name we made her name tag more Oriental in design.

The name tag is a good idea not just for pretty’s sake, but also because Slinky went missing once before, and Sayang likes to roam outside our flat when we open the front door.

Scooter is still too small to get a collar, and we bought the tags before we made Scooter our newest addition to the family. The tags come in bright primary and secondary colours too, and lots of manly looking designs, we will get one for him when he can wear a collar!

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