herro I ish Scooter boy boy!

I am four weeks old! I like yummy fish with jelly but it makes me pukey, so now I don’t get anymore. I didn’t puke last night. I was a good boy and didn’t mess up the bedroom again. But I have been drinking my milk and now I smell milky. Mew!

This house I am in is really big! I am allowed to go to the bedroom, the kitchen where the food and toilet are, and the living room where there is a nice cat-house and some dangling things that are fun to bat at. Just now I decided to sleep under the sofa, but I didn’t stay there long in case that fierce looking broom-thingie comes and sweeps me out again. Mroar.

Right now I am trying to take a nap but the bed is empty with no one in it, so I looked for my human mommy and meowed my heart out. She doesn’t seem to want to sleep so I keep meowing, but all she does is pick me up and stroke me. She is not comfy to sleep on when she is not lying down in the bed.

Will meow more later when I finally get some sleep and warmth! Mriaow you later!

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