Apologies for the lack of kitty-posts – my camera phone refused to sync with the computer, so had little impetus to blog, because I know people want to see kitties!

We bought a cat condo!

This was last month, when we felt that the cat paraphernalia were lying all over the place. We decided to install a cat-HQ in our living room.

After a lot of shopping, and saving money, we found the right cat tree in Simei, at Pet Safari by Pet Lovers’ Centre. We had to find one which had the right cosy corners and would fit in size and decor with our living room.

As you can see, three cats fit easily in the cat condo, although Mommy cat is only a guest in this picture, since she is a stray cat. I placed her there after we had just bathed her in conjunction with our major de-flea-ing project we had around this time.

The highest level is good for cats who want to feel safe, able to see everything, and not liable to be pounced upon by any other cat.

The igloo portion is comfy – Slinky is in the igloo in this picture, although she is so black she is hardly visible!

Sayang has so far slept in both the igloo as well as the circular hammock portion she is lying in in this picture. Although her favourite corner is still in a corner behind my bookshelf, sometimes she can be found napping in the condo.

This cat tree also is immense play fun! I use the dangly toys to drape around the columns for Sayang to play hide-and-seek with, else I throw the toys into the igloo and and hammock for Sayang to jump in and pounce on. Because of the design of the tree it is also good for playing ‘where’s that sound?’ by hitting and rubbing various parts of the tree for Sayang to trace and hunt after. Slinky usually uses the tree for stropping her claws; being lazy, she hardly climbs the tree. She still would rather snooze in the kitchen, most of the day, and well, night.

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