our cats and us today

Scooter can be affectionate sometimes, when he wants to cuddle and lie with us in bed. Today he just licked my eyelids and nose, ticklish! Rather like a dog, but in a less slobbery way. When he wants to lay still, putting in on our lap or chest while we lie down makes him purr.

Sayang is still the ultimate purring machine though. She is totally loving, totally living up to her name. Just today I bought a charm to hang on her collar – a pink heart. Because she really is love. Slinky got a silver colour cat shaped charm, and Scooter got a bright green colour letter S. I bought them for about $1.90 to $2.90 each at Takashimaya.

Scooter’s sense of smell – and his greediness! – is highly acute. Today I cooked pasta with tuna in tomatoes and herbs. He was busy scrabbling up our laps to get near the food, even mewing for some. We didn’t give him any because there is garlic in it, which is harmful for cats.

But I did save some of the tuna, plain, for the cats. I made the tuna into flakes, soaked in creamy milk, think creamy tuna pasta without the pasta. It is now in storage in the freezer till their current canned food finishes.

Speaking of canned food, Scooter is eating his Omnipro for kittens at the moment, and I have set aside something else for the other two older cats. I mixed some Taste of the Wild kibbles in milk and cheese, and made it into a creamy paste which is similar to the texture of the canned food from Natural Balance. Sayang ultimately still prefers having some wet food in her meal, this way she finishes her meal in one sitting instead of halfway and then going hungry after because Slinky finishes her food for her instead.

Our kitty grass is growing! Also, I am adding to the kitty garden – pandan. We just bought some pandan leaves, another one of Aswat’s suggestions. We are supposed to place the pandan leaves in water, till the roots sprout, where we must then transplant them into a pot of soil. The cats will have a great time with it. Hope it pulls through and actually grows…

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