Cats need greenery. Not just to chew on grass, but for their entire well-being.

We recently bought a plant for Shop and Save which I habitually lay on the floor for the cats to chew and hang out around with. We also discovered kitty grass that actually DOES grow (as opposed to most of the kitty grass products in the market, which don’t grow). This one is from Marukan and we bought it from Little Paws, another favourite pet cat shop for us at Telok Kurau. Kyra showed us the grass she started growing herself too, and it looked successful! So we were sold. We also bought the PeeWee litter box from her, which her cat Queenie, resident product demonstrator, showed us how it was like for cats to use.

In the box there were 3 packets of grass seeds that could be used, and we gave one pack to Aswat for him to try. He is more of a plant person than we are, and he has also suggested we buy wheatgrass to add to our kitty greenery collection.

The main reason why we started our greenery collection is because the cats long to look at greenery and to interact with nature. We can tell that is so because the cats run out to the corridor and sit on the ledge (highly dangerous, scares the hell out of their poor owner) to just take in the sights of the Ubi trees and grass. So we decided the bring the greenery into our house for them.

I am not a plant person at all, but so far the plant we bought is doing well. Scooter was born outside a flat which had many potted plants outside, and he seems to enjoy the plant. Both Sayang and Slinky like biting and sniffing at the plant too. Sayang likes flowers too, and in fact recently broke a vase of daisies on our coffee table. She has since been banned from climbing on top of the table. The daisies survived, and are now in another location.

Now to hope my kitty grass will grow, else my green thumb will never ever become one. Most plants have died in my care. We hope our kitty greenery collection won’t.

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