Scooter insists on sleeping with us in our bed at night, which we allow him to, since he’s been cleaned and showered. However, last night he vomitted in bed. It is partially our fault, because when he came we fed him very yummy tinned cat food alongside his milk formula. Turns out he can’t digest the tinned food, and neither can he the dry kitten food either, even though we moisten it with milk and the kibbles are smaller in size.

When we adopted Sayang she was already about ten weeks old, twice as old as Scooter is now. She could eat adult cat food by then, although her appetite was small because she was sick when we adopted her.

Feeding Scooter is a learning journey for us: he seems to eat and drink very little, no more than 20ml of milk a day, and today he has barely touched his kitten food. Four-week-old kittens hardly seem to have an appetite at all. But he seems to be healthy in all other aspects. He is beginning to play, has the energy to roam around the house, seems to sleep well during his naps, and is pooing normally (for a kitten).

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