Scooter’s eating progress

He is finally learning to eat his kibbles even when they have not been pre-moistened with milk or water. And he has finally learnt how to drink water from the water bowl! So, we have made another progressive change to his meal presentation.

His food is usually served in portion of half a spoonful of fresh or canned food, with half a spoonful of kibbles moistened in milk, which I prepare beforehand and keep refrigerated until his mealtimes. Over the week we have started to add less milk to the concoction. Now, we are giving him a quarter spoonful of kibbles dry, with a quarter spoonful of moistened kibbles. He is about 8 weeks old now, which is about the time kittens are fully weaned off their mother’s milk. Hence the decrease of the milk content in his food is congruent with his growth.

I have also mixed in not only his Nutram, but also crushed kibbles of Taste of the Wild and Royal Canin, so that he acclimitises to the taste and ingredients of these foods which he will be eating when his Nutram runs out (which will be very soon).

As for canned and fresh food which is served with his every meal, we have recently bought Natural Balance to try on him too, and he loves it, in fact so do the other cats. We will likely not be making fresh food for him again so soon, as we have in stock canned food for him, not only from Natural Balance, but also from Omnipro and Bistro which he has both tried before and loved. We will likely buy Natural Balance again too. Natural Balance 170g canned food is available at $3.64 at Pet Lovers Centre (before 5% members discount for purchase above $15) and for $2.80 at Little Paws. There are also online sites that sell the food for lower prices but with a minimum order for delivery to take place. We tried asking Aswat to bring in the product for us, but premium canned cat food is not a big taker here in Ubi, as the clientele are mostly senior citizens who feed cats with more commercial brands which contain a lot of jelly. Jelly is good for stray cats, because they don’t drink much water. But for our home cats, and for discerning owners that are paranoid about their kittens’ growth, we prefer cat food that contains more meat product. In fact, Andy is crazy about Natural Balance, after his taste test (!) and crazy research on canned cat foods.

Scooter is likely to need to eat canned food with his meals for a while, because that is his main dietrary delight, and he eats less if served only kibbles. In order to maximise his growth while he is still young, we probably will have to stock up on canned food for him for a few months at least.

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