She seems to know that Sayang and Scooter might have special food compared to hers: Sayang has added Taste of the Wild kibbles to her meals and Scooter’s food is Nutram kitten food with milk and canned or homemade food. Slinky often lurks and slinks in to steal Sayang and Scooter’s leftovers – the precise reason why I don’t like my cats to leave their food instead of eating in one sitting. I have also stopped putting snacks out for Slinky (which would still be within her dietary limit) because she gets her fill of snacking from these leftovers.

I have to find a way to get Scooter and Sayang to learn to finish their food in one sitting. For Sayang, canned food was the way. For Scooter, it is harder because his appetite is erratic, and the temperature of the food has to be just right. All that said, I still look forward to feeding my cats every meal.

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