Remember the new mother cat we found with nine kittens?

The kittens were, at four weeks old, already peeing and pooing around the neighbours’ houses. Hence, Aswat brought the eight remaining kittens into his shop to hand-feed and put up for adoption. He has been feeding them soft kitten food and kitten milk formula in his shop.

The kittens are doing more than all right! There are only two left for adoption; the others have been taken.

And one of them, by us…

Scooter is the biggest boy of the litter. He is affectionate, not overly noisy, easy to feed and clean, and we hope he grows to become a big, lovable cat! Sayang and Slinky are still on hissing terms with him, but Scooter is so brave he has no fear of them at all, not at all exhibiting timid behavioural traits such as hiding or running around the house. We feed him kitten food, canned food and of course kitten milk formula.

He still does not know how to play yet, and is still discovering his new home. More on him soon!

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