toilet troubles resolved

Slinky has her own litter box in our bathroom now, which cannot be used by the other cats, else she will withhold peeing and pooing for as long as it takes for me to clean it out for her.

We bought a new litter box for the main kitty area instead, and placed the old one in our bathroom for Slinky. The new litter box is from PeeWee and it looks great. The height is accessible and yet high enough that the cats won’t kick the litter from the box all over the floor when they dig.

I figured out the main reason why Slinky doesn’t like to share her box, and it is probably because of Scooter. His poo is totally like kitten poo – soft, smelly and lots of it throughout the day. This is because his diet is 50% wet food, and he eats many meals.

This litter box works best with the sawdust type that can be flushed down the toilet, which Aswat is also going to bring into his shop. We are converting the cats to this litter when his stock arrives.

The PeeWee litter system is such that there is a tray beneath the pan which collects and conceals the smell of cat-pee, as well as collects the stray dust particles instead of allowing it to be exposed and possibly trailed along the floor by the cats. So far the toilets are working out well for all our cats.

Except that Scooter’s shit sometimes sticks to him and he brings it out of the box and onto the floor. Thank God for baby wipes.

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