Here are better pictures of Ali’s 3 kittens, one of whom has already been adopted. There are two remaining. This one is the female one:

Her fur is like the foam on cappuccino! White with brown tips. Her brother is white with lesser brown tips. Both of them are Oriental short-hair types, which mean they will be skinny with long legs and angular faces.

This is her brother, on Andy’s lap:

Quite hard to tell them apart except for the colouring. Both their temperaments are similar too. At their current home, they tend to be loyal to their favourite human, and take a while to warm up to strangers.

When I hugged the boy-kitten, and stroked him while talking him, he began to warm up a bit and got less scared of the stranger that I was to him.

Both siblings are still living in Ali’s house with their dads and mum.

Contact Aswat if you are keen on adopting the kittens.

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