another batch of homemade cat food!

This one is a HIT! Why I know this, is because Sayang absolutely lapped it up! I tested it out on Slinky at first, of course – she is my morale booster – and Scooter scooted along and lapped hers up too! So all three cats have approved this batch of cat food! I am pleased with self.

1/2 sweet potato, peeled and chopped
200gm of salmon bones
250gm of chicken breast, chopped
1 egg
5 sp. Animalac Pet Milk powder
Cranberry and Apple juice

Boil the salmon bones and sweet potato together in just a little water to create a broth. Marinade the chicken in cranberry and apple juice. Remove the salmon bones from the broth to clean out the meat. Set the salmon flesh aside. Place the chicken in the broth to boil. Pour in the juice marinade. Replace the salmon into the broth. Remove off the heat. Stir in 1 egg and 5 spoons of pet milk powder. While stirring, ensure that no bones are left in the broth, and that all the meat is bite-sized. Voila! Chicken in sweet potato and salmon broth!

When dispensing the broth into a container, double-check again for bones. Served when cooled, and refrigerate un-used portion. Enjoy, kitties!

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