cats’ dry food review – Royal Canin Fit 32

Andy has been busily researching cat foods like a crazy daddy cat. He then shares his reviews with me based on what he reads. Here is a summary of what he has found:

  • Royal Canin: has mixed reviews because while it is a good, affordable premium brand of cat food, some say it contains far too much grain. It is true it contains grain, it is among the top 5 ingredients on the list for Fit 32. However, we feel that despite this, our cats need the fibre for a balanced diet. Plus Slinky is especially prone to constipation.
  • Innova Evo is the best dry cat food brand in the market, according to reviews. It is especially high in protein.
  • Natural Balance is the most value-for-money premium canned food brand.

Before Royal Canin, when Slinky was still a partially outdoor cat, I used to feed her Aristocats cat food. It is the best low-grade cat food in the market, available even in supermarkets. I converted her to Royal Canin shortly after she became a full-time house cat. <3We buy our Royal Canin from Angels Pet Shop, at 15kg for $110 after a friendly discount :D. It is truly value-for-money! It however does not come in a resealable bag in the 15kg quantity. While we know Aswat can re-pack the food for us, I would rather save the environment and store the food ourselves in reusable containers.Even stray cats like Fit 32. When we feed other brands, the cats seem to sniff around instead, as if asking us, “Where’s my Royal Canin?” I guess this brand of food passes the taste test. It smells good too, like brown rice.Except for Sayang, who is picky and will not finish her meal of Royal Canin unless it is supplemented with canned food. But that is just her, finicky cat!

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