Today I cooked the most awesome batch of homemade cat food.

Using half a chicken, skinned, I simmered it in some apple and cranberry juice, with a dash of rosemary leaves, over a slow fire. I then removed the meat from the bones and poured the resulting broth into the meat, stirring in one egg. When the meat cooled I placed it in the fridge.

The cooling process turned the broth into jelly because of the chicken fats, and the meat is superbly flavoured. I tried it myself when it was just cooked, it was delicious.

The cats love it. Yes, even Sayang.

Compared to chicken breast alone, the meat is extremely rich in protein because of the thigh, drumstick, wing parts (muscle meat contains more protein). The only trouble was removing the skin before cooking and the meat after. But it was worth the effort seeing them enjoy good food.

After their dinner both Sayang and Scooter were hyperactively playing about, they had so much energy to burn, thanks to the protein. I had to give both of them supper and they loved the repeat serving of the chicken served with their kibbles. Oh, and also they hungrily lapped up the milk I put alongside their suppers. And so did Slinky, but she had no supper since she didn’t exercise.

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