Thanks to reader lli who read about Sammy on this blog, who is interested in giving Sammy a permanent, loving home. Lli lost her cat to old age early this year, and I am certain that a kitten will bring joy to her family. She is coming to see Sammy this Sunday.

Sammy has been getting along well with Scooter – both are now firm friends, playing together. Through Scooter, Sammy has been learning to wrestle, pounce, and hunt. Great teacher, Scooter! They even eat side-by-side (which is unusual for Scooter)!

As for his health, Sammy’s diarrhoea was indeed due to worms. After de-worming him 2 days ago, his diarrhoea has gone away, and now his poo is slightly better. I rehydrated him for the past 2 days to replace the water lost through his diarrhoea, as he was feeling warm to the touch, and he was placed on a strict dry diet the whole of Tuesday. This morning I just fed him with 0.5ml of antacid which is used for treating digestive problems like constipation, diarrhoea and bloating.

Thankfully he is not picky like Scooter, and was able to eat a lot despite dry food being less palatable. In fact, he even eats the kibbles from the other cats bowls if they have leftovers. Because the Royal Canin we have at home is for adult cats, I supplemented his diet with homecooked chicken so that he can get more protein as he is very skinny (though fatter now since the night we first saw him).

He also enjoys the milk we bought for him, although I should probably restrict his milk intake until his poo solidifies. But he really enjoys it.

Now that the cats have integrated and Sammy is no longer sleeping in the carrier, his favourite sleeping place in our house is in the laundry basket, which despite being quite tall he managed to get into for the past few nights. Otherwise, he enjoys sleeping next to us in bed, or at the base of our cat tree.

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