kitty grass – a great hit!

We have grown two packs of our Marukan grass and placed them in a non-breakable, flat based pot. When they reached full height, we placed it in our cats’ feeding area, for them to enjoy and nibble. Here it is:

Surviving quite well despite constant nibbling. We have retired our other plant because it is grown in soil, and the cats can be quite aggressive with it, leaving soil stains on our floor.

While it really is not vital for the cats to have grass to eat, as their food has hairball management and the folic acid they derive from grass, we still like the idea of having cat-friendly plants for them, because it enhances their living environment, and thus their emotional well-being.

Sayang is extremely plant crazy, evidenced by her enthusiasm for any kind of greenery or flowers in the house, and her fondness for the plants and grass outside Angels Pet Shop when we brought her down to walk. Scooter loves it too, after all he grew up among potted plants. A worthy investment, seeing our darlings happy. 🙂

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