One of Mommy cat’s itinerant boyfriends, an orange cat who once fought with Daddy cat outside our flat, was knocked down by a car 🙁 last weekend. – Edit: it was not this cat but another one instead as I found out after.

We really need to bring the male cats to sterilize soon. They are the ones peeing at public places (shopfronts etc.) and fighting. And there are no more female entire cats in the area as all are neutered. This will make them go further into unknown territories to search for new mating grounds. Not sure if that was orange cat’s intention in crossing that road before he got killed…

The male strays in the area that we know of are Sayang’s brother, Ah Bee (a coffeeshop cat), Daddy cat, Uncle cat (Mommy cat’s brother), Tiger, and our Discount-Coupon (a cat that Aswat says is extremely hard to catch, discount at his shop rewarded for catching him!). Daddy cat will also be hard to catch, because he is extremely shy and afraid of people. The closest person to him so far we have seen is Auntie Rose.

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