managing the recently neutered males

Andy and I don’t regularly feed the strays in our area except for special needs cases such as cats who are sick, young, nursing or pregnant. So we don’t really know the whereabouts of every cat in our area.

We did try to look for the recently neutered males though. Uncle cat was nowhere to be found and Sayang’s brother is often in hiding (and black in colour, hard to see him).

We saw Daddy cat, still roaming about, solo. We are not sure if he and Mommy cat are still together.

We saw Ah Bee cat – still peeing indiscriminately! Aswat educated us on this: male cats still have remnants of their hormones even after neutering (like Ali’s cats). It will take about a month before the hormones wear off. By which time, they will stop their territorial pee-marking and will be unable to mate and impregnate female cats.

We hope that with these males sterilized, they will be like their other neutered male counterparts who are often found in the same area, instead of roaming about (and getting into accidents and fights). This way, the neighbourhood cat feeders will be able to feed them more easily and regularly, and we will have lesser wounds to dress from fights. And eventually, the shop owners will find lesser pee-smells in front of their shops.

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