Recently a customer of Angels Pet Shop placed her 5 cats there for boarding during her daughter’s wedding.

Turns out that, after the wedding, this auntie would be moving to her daughter’s place, who is allergic to fur because she has asthma. Her daughter gave in to her mom and allowed her to bring 3 of her 5 cats to stay with them.

The 2 cats left behind are Manja and Boy, a mother and son couple of cross-Persian cats.

Manja, the brown mother cat, is really nice. Shy at first, when she sees us now during our visits she meows hello and wants to be stroked. She loves being scratched all over!

Boy is quieter, and has really nice fur, glossy black on top, brown soft fur on his tummy. He is only 1 year old. He is really gentle.

We visit them every time we go to the shop, and let them out of their pen to roam and play.

Manja and Boy need a new home, preferably together. Do contact us if you know of someone who wants Persian cats!

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