neutering the stray male cats in ubi

Yesterday night we rounded up the male strays in our area and had them brought for neutering. The cats we wanted to get were:

Uncle cat – Mommy cat’s brother, father to the white kittens so far found in the neighbourhood
Ah Bee – an old male cat from a coffeeshop
Daddy cat – Mommy cat’s long-term boyfriend
Sayang’s brother – one of Sayang’s three siblings that have not yet been neutered

We managed to get all of them. We also found out that the orange cat that had been in an accident recently was not the orange cat we thought, the one that is Mommy cat’s part-time boyfriend. We however did not manage to get him.

We did get into an ‘accident’ though.

While trying to trap Daddy cat, Aswat got attacked by Mommy cat. Viciously. She saw that Aswat had trapped him in the carrier, ran over, jumped onto Aswat and bit his arm, hard.

When Mommy cat attacked Aswat, we were all stunned. She is normally extremely friendly to everyone. Aswat was stunned too, by the attack. We normally expect to get scratched by the stray we are trying to trap, not by another cat altogether! When Aswat regained his composure he shook her off his arm and had to use a nearby broom to stave her off. When Mommy cat found out that Daddy cat was alive and well inside the carrier, she calmed down a little. Just now, Andy went to return Daddy cat to his territory after the surgery, Mommy cat hissed at Andy. But by and large she is emotionally stable now. We reckon her emotional outburst hints at Mommy cat’s Siamese genes, which makes her incredibly loyal; even after she has been neutered, she is still extremely close to Daddy cat.

Here are the pics of the other cats we trapped.

This is Ah Bee:

Ah Bee was ravenously hungry after he came home today, said the coffeeshop uncle. We had to explain that the cat needed to fast for the surgery, but that he would be okay and back to normal, as male cats need only one or two stitches, if not none at all. Ah Bee seemed angry at us, and turned his back on us! Looks like we better bring Ah Bee some food tomorrow as a peace offering. At least now Ah Bee won’t be peeing at the neighbouring shopfronts, as I caught him doing one night…

This is Uncle cat:

Like Mommy cat, he is extremely vocal. He meowed the whole time he was waiting in the pet shop for the transport to arrive. Ah Bee meowed with him too, until he got tired and decided to take a nap. Uncle cat persisted with his meowing throughout most of the night, and tonight too, when we released him back to his territory. He had a deep wound on his back when we trapped him yesterday, and after going to the vet for his sterilisation his wound looks better. Looks like the vet cleaned his wound for him.

The sterilization was paid for and managed by Auntie Can, who has been a major Ubi cat feeder for a long time. Now that the boys are neutered, looks like our area is a safe and happy place for cats and humans alike.

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