We are converting the cats permanently to pine pellets for their litter tray, similar to that used for PeeWee which is odourless, biodegradable, flushable.

I am absolutely sold by this cat litter.

It really smells better. I hardly smell cat pee at all. And the pee makes the pellets turn to dust which will then filter down the tray when the cats dig the litter box. This makes the area literally dust free, and the big pellets means no more stray litter all over the kitchen floor!

The best part is, Angels sells it to us cheap, at $34 for 20kg worth (the PeeWee one sells for $55 for 9kg worth), which will last a long time because it does not need to be changed as often, as only the poo and the dust tray needs to be cleared. Superb!!! I love the new cat toilet!

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  • Hi Halimah

    Sorry for not replying earlier as my comment update was not turned on.

    Yes it helps with the smell. The smell of the litter is pine, which is like what we smell of new Ikea furniture.

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