Please sterilise your pet cats at 6 months old. The only exception to the rule is that if your cat is a Siamese cat which may only sexually mature at a later age.

If you wait any longer, you have to deal with the consequences of unwanted pregnancies, sexual health problems, anti-social behaviours such as running away or urinating around the house. Mating, pregnancy or childbirth does not make a cat’s life more meaningful in any way.

One of the kids in the neighbourhood, Ashraf, who is a proud owner of both pedigree and local cats, recently had 2 of his cats brought to the doctor for sterilisation.

The cats were already both pregnant, because the sterilisation was planned too late, and Ashraf’s mother decided against terminating both cats’ pregnancies. Hence both cats carried their litters to full term.

The result of which is 2 litters of kittens, the first of whom we saw yesterday. This first litter of kittens are about 4 to 6 weeks old, 2 of them are black and white, the other 2 are tabby and white.

Because the pregnancies are unplanned and Ashraf’s cat family is already complete, the kittens will need to be re-homed.

The cats are very active, and have already begun to eat solid food. They have round eyes, and thick fur, and full-length tails. There are 2 boys and 2 girls. Contact us if you would like to provide an unwanted kitten a new home.

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