Sammy is a great cat to keep: he is easy-going, even-tempered, not picky with food, not overly attention-seeking. He however has one weird habit – he seems to think that cloth surfaces = extra litter box. So far he has tried to pee once on a floor mat, successfully pooed on it as well, and he has shat on my sofa and cushion. And he still has watery stools, so cleaning up after him has been… fun. That is if you enjoy Dettol and cleaning detergents in a weird way. I hope the anti-diarrhoea medicine works (I got my stash of it back from Aswat) or else I really will go obsessive-compulsively cleaning every day. Luckily most of his business is still done in the litter box. It seems to be true they say, that kittens can be litter trained from 6 weeks of age – Sammy should be about 6 weeks old now.

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