Edit: The male kitten has been adopted.

There is a very cute pair of kittens that we met last night. They are born of a Siamese mother and a Persian father, with their Siamese genes very dominant. Both are white with light blue eyes, with a cream seal-point.

Here they are, brother and sister, at ~15weeks old.

In this pic you can see the cream seal-point ears, which will become more prominent when they grow older:

Unfortunately Andy’s phone seems to have flash permanently turned on, so the photos aren’t that great. Will post better ones soon.

The story behind these kittens: They are born of a litter of three, to a family in Ubi. The family has kept one of the kittens and have put up these two for adoption. They are now at Angels Pet Shop.

The female kitten is a creamy white with softer fur, whereas the male one is a bluish white, with more Siamese type of fur. He is also the more sociable one, and is slightly more vocal.

It is best if both are adopted together: Siamese cats, even cross-breeds, need a lot of attention and company.

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