Angels Pet Shop is bringing in Acana, which is one of the brands produced by the company that also owns Orijen, one of the popular premium cat foods in the market.

Our Royal Canin Fit 32 is finishing soon. We are probably going to switch if Acana passes the taste test of our cats, especially Sayang’s.

There are a few reasons why we want to switch.

Acana is contains better ingredients – Prairie Feast contains free-range chickens, whole eggs, wild-caught fish – and is grain-free and preservative-free. Yet it is a balanced meal that will suit all three of our cats. Better ingredients, slightly higher protein, and in a similar price range. With Acana, we can eliminate the dodgy ingredients in RC Fit 32 like corn and ‘chicken flavour’ without costing us a bomb, and we won’t need to replenish our Taste of the Wild which is expensive without discount.

The fact that they do money-back guarantees is cool too. Hopefully we can get a sample for our pickiest cat Sayang to try.

Now all we need is for the stock to come in before our RC and Taste of the Wild runs out. Yummy!

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