this orange stray cat…

There is one particular stray cat that loiters around Blk 301. She is a mother of at least 3 kittens in that area, one of which is crippled from a car accident. Aswat and Auntie Can want to catch this particular stray because she is suspected to be pregnant already, and any later stage abortion will be dangerous for the cat.

She and her kittens are being fed by the bicycle shop owners in that block. However, when Aswat asked the shop owners to catch this cat (Angels loaned them a carrier), they have refused. This cat had been caught for sterilization once, but the shop auntie wanted to release the cat to feed it, and it ran off. She is extremely shy of human contact, and while she can be fed, she will not be stroked or even approached. We tried again recently, tempting her with food, but 4 of us could not even get a hold of her.

This orange cat is the only stray entire female left in our area. All the other female cats in the area have been neutered. If we manage to catch this one, we will bring in the male cats too (whatever we can catch), at the same time.

Sterilization is a much more humane way of dealing with stray cats, even for those in early pregnancy.

We might have to find a way to sedate the cat humanely, in order to catch her…

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