A Basic Guide to Cat Ownership – Part 2

Part 1 here.

Regarding your cat’s health and safety, you will need the following items:

  • Collar with ID tag (if your cat has outdoor access)
  • Cat carrier for bringing your cat to the vet
  • Deworming paste or tablets, available from pet stores or vets

You also need to be aware that some things in the house can be dangerous to cats. To make sure your cat is safe staying in your house:

  • Make sure windows are closed, or the grilles of your windows too small for cats to climb through
  • Discourage your cat from climbing on top of kitchen counter tops where the stoves might be hot
  • Keep all electrical wires and appliances neatly so that the cat will not get caught up in the wires or get electric shocks
  • Try to remove glass items from where the cat may roam in the house
  • Do not use insecticides or rat poisons near where the cat may access to

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