I received an email from a fellow cat-lover who is helping to feed the cats in the Aljunied area.

The main cat-feeder in the area is having financial problems feeding herself, let alone the 100 over cats in that area. Hence, she has appealed for help.

Please Help Auntie Siew Fong, the Aljunied MRT Cat Lady

Auntie Siew Fong is the caregiver of over 100 cats in the areas around her home in Circuit Road and outside Aljunied MRT.

She has been unemployed for many months and is only currently starting work as a cleaner with very meagre pay. Given her frail health, she may not be able to sustain in her new job. Many of her past sponsors for cat food has dropped out due to the recent financial crisis, she gets by with borrowing money from friends and asking for donations from well wishers.The cost of cat food can amount up to more than $1,000 a month.

Auntie Siew Fong is desperately in need of help right now. She has totally depleted her funds and don’t even have the money for day to day expenses and paying the rent.

She feeds the cats outside Aljunied MRT late every night. If you would like to meet up with her and find out more about her situation, you can call her at 98482575. She speaks Chinese, Cantonese and Malay.

She urgently needs help with:
– sponsorship of dried and canned cat food
– sponsorship or assistance with catching and neutering cats
– sponsorship of medical fees for injured or sick cats
– adoption and rehoming of kittens
– financial assistance for her personal daily expenses
– job referrals as a part-time cleaner (she can do part time cleaning work in areas near her home at Circuit Road e.g. Aljunied, Geylang, Eunos, Paya Lebar, Bedok)

If you would like to sponsor Auntie Siew Fong’s cat food purchases, please contact Marcus at Polypet – Tel: 9693 8355.

If you would like to make a donation to Auntie Siew Fong’s personal expenses, urgent cat food purchases and medical expenses for sick and injured cats, please transfer the money to her POSB Savings account: 008-43261-9.

Please leave a message on my (York Hwee’s) facebook page if you have made a donation towards Auntie Siew Fong or if you have sponsored any of the above mentioned items so that everybody is kept posted on the latest developments. I will also be uploading the latest cat food bills and bank transfer statements to Auntie Siew Fong and Polypets from me for everyone to see.

Please kindly forward this appeal to your friends if you think they might be interested to help.

If you have a blog, web page, facebook, myspace or any other web presence, please kindly help by putting up this appeal on your sites as well.

A big Thank You from Auntie Siew Fong and the 100 over cats under her care.

Lots of love,
York Hwee

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