Buggy and Batman pics; update on Silver

Here are some close up pics of Silver‘s kittens that are still available for adoption.

This is Buggy, who has beautiful tabby markings on his face, and an extremely cute nose!

And here is Batman, named this way because he is black (ran out of names, really). He has beautiful tabby markings on his legs which are blue in colour, with his paw pads and paw fur being black like the rest of him is. So technically he is a blue and black cat! He has really fluffy fur but you got to see him to feel it because our phone camera isn’t that great at capturing his furriness.

Do call Aswat or visit his shop between 1pm to 8.30pm any day if you are keen on viewing and adopting these semi-longhaired kittens.

And as for Silver, she has been eating a lot. She is perpetually eating (feeding her Royal Canin kitten food) and 2 cans of cat food (Bistro or my homemade chicken) a day. Her kittens nibble at her food too, especially the chicken, but Silver is really eating a lot every hour of the day! I cannot begin to imagine the cost of food she is utilising a day at the shop…

When she has stopped nursing and lactating, we will be neutering her (sponsored by Auntie Can) and re-homing her as well, unless a potential adopter wants to adopt her kitten/s together with her, with the assurance that she will be spayed when she is ready.

Keep visiting our blog for more updates on Silver and her kittens!

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