Hello. I am Batman. My mommy’s name is Silver. I remember I have 5 siblings my age. 2 went missing and the other 3 have found new homes to stay! I am still staying with my mommy. I love her very much.

There are humans who visit me everyday to cuddle me. Sometimes they put eye drops in my eyes. They also help clean me like my mommy does, especially when I have tear stains on my face because I feel hot. I don’t mind them doing that at all.

I like eating delicious chicken. I get some everyday. The rest of the time I sleep and drink my mommy’s milk. No one to fight for milk with me anymore.

When I look at my own paws I see that my legs are blue in colour and I have black stripes on them. The fur below my paws is black, like I am wearing some kind of black furry slippers. My mommy looks different because she is white and silver in colour. But she is very pretty even though she has no slippers. She gets a hug from the humans who visit her everyday.

There are a lot of animal visitors in this shop too. Some dogs don’t seem to like us but I don’t mind them at all and neither does my mommy Silver. She just sleeps through the strange ‘arf arf, hng hng’ sounds these dogs make. They should be quieter like my mommy and me.

I think when I grow up I want to be like my mommy. She has a soft voice which she meows to say hello to our familiar visitors everyday. I don’t think I am a very noisy meower either. She likes being cuddled and stroked, which I think is nice too. She doesn’t jump around too much – I am not very good at jumping yet myself so I try to be a good boy and sit still. I think I am a very good boy already! I keep trying my best.

Do you want to come visit me? My current address is on the right hand side of this page. Do give our human caregiver Aswat (they guy who puts the delicious food and water for us and cleans the stinky-poo everyday) to let him know you want to come. Hope to see you soon!

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