more about Silver’s kittens

For all of you who have called up to ask about Silver and her kittens – thank you.

Her kittens are all male. Most of their tails are medium length, with the orange one having a kink at the end of his tail. Being young, their eyes are still blue, and we will not know yet what colour they will be. All of them have mostly unbroken whiskers. They all have thick ears, characteristic of longhair cats, with white fur sticking out of their ears.

For ease of introduction, we have named them as such:

Submarine is called such as he has a kink in his tail which kind of looks like the view-finder of a submarine. He has tabby stripes on his legs.

Batman is black, also with black tabby stripes on his legs where his fur is more blueish rather than black.

Buggy is white with patches of black and brown – a tri-coloured cat.

Sleepy is the most like his mother, being white with blue/silver patches.

The kittens are currently staying with her mother in the pet shop. Because they are about 3 weeks old, they are still drinking their mother’s milk. Hence, if anyone were to adopt any of Silver’s kittens now, the kitten will need to be hand-fed. Kittens before weaning need to drink milk every 2 hours. Pet milk and milk bottles are sold at Angels Pet Shop.

The kittens are fully weaned when they are 8 weeks old. However, kittens start to experiment with solid food around 4 weeks old. Their teeth also becomes sharper around this time, which aids in the weaning process. Taking a kitten home at this age will mean a mixture of milk and kitten food feeding. Only at 8 weeks old will they no longer need to drink milk.

So, depending on your preference, ability and schedule, if you are interested in Silver, or her kittens, do plan accordingly when is the right time to take them home if you would like to adopt them. You can however come to the shop to view the kittens anytime. The shop is open from 11am to 9pm daily.

Hope this information is helpful, do keep spreading the word and helping to find a new home for Silver and her kittens.

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