Recently we tried 2 cat food brands that were new to us.

The first was Addiction canned food for cats.

Sayang likes it, which means that what the product states about it being for ‘fussy eaters’. It is probably because Sayang likes plants, grass, vegetables and et cetera greenery, be it in food or environment. This however means that the amount of protein in Addiction dry matter is about 45%, which is lower than in some other canned food brands. But the taste is indeed more palatable for fussy eaters.

We bought our Addiction Venison from Little Paws at Telok Kurau for @ $2+ a can.

Next, we hopped along to Benji Pet along Telok Kurau Road as well, where we bought our Wellness canned food the last time. We are not regulars of this shop, and will likely only purchase Wellness canned food from this shop as their prices for this brand are competitive, and Angels does not sell premium cat canned food brands at the moment. When we dropped by the Benji, the friendly shop owner Julius gave us a new brand of cat food samples to try: Oven-Baked Tradition.

The main advantages of this cat food brand is two-fold: firstly, it has fresh ingredients including fresh vegetables; secondly, baking of the food is supposed to seal in the nutrition better into the kibbles.

We actually tasted the kibbles ourselves, and gave the various flavours to our cats as treats. Only Slinky likes it, but then again, Slinky likes everything. Sayang did not touch it at all, and Scooter only sniffed at it but did not eat. We tried it a number of times, and we still even have samples leftover. So, taste-test-wise, it does not pass.

Also, the dry matter protein is only 30% (33% for kitten formula) which is not as high as other premium food brands. What more is that this brand is priced like a premium food brand, while not giving us the protein level that we would like to have for our growing cats. The price range is similar to brands like Innova Evo, and Orijen for example, which boast grain-free, high protein qualities (Innova Evo has about 50% protein).

Yet, free food is free food, and we are grateful to Julius for his generosity. He even wanted to give us more but we refused to be so greedy! We have used the food samples we got as treats for our cats, as well as for feeding Silver when we first went to visit her at her dumpsite. Thank you Julius for the freebies!

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