We finally found the perfect water feature for our cats. We were looking for one that has the right features:

  • Price below $100
  • Safe to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Size fits our feeding area

We just bought home the DogIt water fountain! It only cost us less than $80. It has a great design and colour, and it is safe for pet use. Most other pet fountains cost more, and they look terrible. We were looking at water features too, but we couldn’t find one that was suitable anywhere. This one looks great!

Although it is meant for dogs primarily, we felt that it would work for our cats, and it did. Scooter and Sayang have already tested it out, and Scooter especially loves it. The great thing is that it has a 3 litre capacity, which means I no longer have to keep refilling their water bowl. Plus it has a filter, which means I don’t have to keep washing the bowl all the time. And more than one of them can drink at the same time, which means that Sayang no longer has to walk away because Scooter tries to drink while she is at it (yes it happens). As a result of all the fun they had with the fountain, Scooter has already drunk loads of water tonight.

It comes with a detachable food bowl, which we would rather not use as when kibbles are placed too near their water, it often spills over into their water bowl. So we now have a spare feeding bowl in our cat closet too.

I hope they will now leave our bathroom air-con water pipe alone, as they now have their own water fountain, drips and all included!

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