Auntie Can, one of the cat patrons in Ubi, noticed a new kitten being dumped in our neighbourhood. This kitten is quite old, about 4 months old, and she told Aswat to keep a look out for her to see if she is okay.

We went to look for this cat. This cat is very friendly and out-going, and has no apparent sicknesses. She seems to be daring enough to go to the coffeeshops to look for food, and seems willing to hang out around the coffeeshop near where both Auntie Rose and Auntie Can feed the strays daily.

She is a tri-coloured cat, very pretty.

But because she is not in any disadvantaged situation, used to being a stray, and too old for adoption, we are not going to take her to the shop to re-home her. In a way, in helping animals, some triage needs to be carried out. So we will monitor her whenever we are in the area, just to make sure she is okay.

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