We like this particular brand of canned cat food – Seeds Bistro Cat. Our favourite flavours are chicken, and tuna with chicken.

The good thing about this food is that it is high in protein, and has very little jelly; it is mainly chunks of pure meat.

We buy our Bistro from Angels Pet Shop at $1.20 per 85g can.

Then one day, we came across the same cat food sold in Giant supermarket, at $1.25 per 170g can! It is much more worth it, so we contacted the local distributor of Seeds cat food as an eager customer, telling them we want to buy this from our neighbourhood pet shop.They have responded and will be supplying this size to Angels from now on.

Instead of being called Bistro, this size is called Miao Miao:

The differences between Bistro and Miao Miao, apart from size, is that Miao Miao has no pure chicken flavour, and also, the tuna used is redder compared to Bistro tuna, which is whiter. Bistro retails in Shop and Save for $1.30 per 85g can, and as mentioned Miao Miao retails at Giant for $1.25 per 170g can. These are the main differences.

It is a very economical choice of canned food, and is suitable for us as it is mainly protein, other nutritional needs already met through our dry diet. If you are looking for a low-cost canned food that is high in quality, this is definitely your choice.

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