There is this orange male kitten, about 5 months old, who is living on the second storey of our adjacent block. He seems to have a ‘home’ outside a flat there, the family that lives within has a cat inside too.

But this cat is extremely, extremely skinny. When we first spotted him, he seems to be eating only rice.

We went to feed him, and I brought a small empty Horlicks bottle to fill with Royal Canin to place outside this house so that the owners will feed him properly.

Upon revisiting him, the cat is still only eating rice from a paper box.

We have been feeding him my homemade chicken as well as more Royal Canin kibbles. He always eats hungrily, as if he hasn’t eaten for the entire day. Seems like the family has kept the cat food we gave them for their own indoor cat, or perhaps they have thrown it away.

It makes me wonder why would anyone feed rice to a cat if you have your own cat food, or even if you don’t, the gift from a concerned neighbour.

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